Features (V10.6.0):

Dynamic Individualized Space Map (Click this link for more detail): The focal point of the system is the space map developed individually for each park. It is color coded to reflect Availability:.(GRAY if 50amp OPEN, WHITE if 30amp OPEN service, OCCUPIED Daily (RED), Weekly (GREEN), Monthly (YELLOW), and Seasonal (Magenta), Permanent Monthly or Out of Service (LIME GREEN), and Unresolved ( Purple). A space becomes "unresolved" when a registration expires on that space.  The map also contains a navigation bar that let's you enter any date to view the condition of all spaces on that particular day. This version of the map gives the user a "daily snapshot" of the status of their park for the current or any future date.

A second version of the map (the Duration Map) is included that displays spaces available over a requested period of time. This is especially useful when taking a reservation. Check out the above link to see examples.

A third version of the map (the Grid Map) for those situations that your park is almost full and you are looking to move a few short reservations around to create a longer duration stay. It is a rows and columns display much like a spreasheet.

Space Status plus Pictures of each space: A left double-click on any space opens a window that completely describes the current status of that space, including a listing of the current registration and any reservations held - plus site specs such as length, amperage, etc. If the space is right double-clicked, a picture of that space is displayed. This has been especially well received. For example, when a customer wants to view the space prior to rental. Other amenities or features of your park can also be photographed as a clickable display on your map. 

Drag and Drop: You can drag a reservation or registration (on the Daily and Duration maps) from one site and drop it on another site using just your mouse cursor. All records are automatically updated. Site conflicts will be noted and moves disallowed if a conflict occurs. And because the map is dynamic and can be displayed for any future date, the site you drag will contain the site status on the date of the map display. Electrical metered sites cannot be moved by dragging - as one meter must be closed out and the new one initialized.
RV Club Control Center (Click this link for more detail): The RV Club Control Center is designed to completely manage your club events. It allows you to (1) reserve multiple sites at one time, (2) change names assigned to a Wagon Master reservation, (3) manage event deposits, (4) manage multiple events with different Wagon Masters for each event for any number of events with deposits for each from the same or different club for any date in the future.
"One Click" Reservation email Confirmations: Once a reservation has been entered, an email can be sent to the customer with a single click of that SEND button. A message can be added to the email body with the confirmation document auto attached. If a similar message is to be added to a group of emails, a copy forward button is displayed. Follow-up emails can be sent from the Reservation Editor - for example if a deposit is added. The sending email address is built into the system whereas a blind copy to (bcc:) can be added by simply typing that address into the system Preferences area. No email account setup parameters are required.
Automatic Registration And Reservation Placement: Given the desired registration or reservation duration, the system automatically locates the most ideal space for a given customer. The space finder algorithm is based on the specifications of the rig (length, need for slides, electric, etc.) compared to the specifications of all available spaces. Current registrations and reservations are considered in the search.

The system will also display an Override List that lists all other sites that meet the required site specifications. The list contains the site number, the length of the site, and the number of days that site is available for rental.

When a customer is registered, the amount paid and due are recorded. If the amount paid is zero, the system will print an invoice rather than a receipt. All amounts due are recorded by the system, and are broken down by site. A customer may rent as many sites as they need and make partial payment on each.

Account History account center: All transactions are recorded and displayed or printed from the Account History screen. It is the focal point of all follow-up accounting for a customer -- such as Payment on Account, Account Adjustment, and Refunds (Registration, Reservation, Club, and Security). It is accessed from each customer record.
Prorating of Fees: The Pro-Rater automatically calculates and submits prorated values for situations such as a few days added to a weekly or monthly rate or for charging a prorated value for days extended to premium rate days (such as holiday or weekend).
Electrical Calculations: 
  1. Meter Readings: Meter readings can be taken when a Permanent Monthly checks in, and then read each time the customer extends their rental. The receipt includes charges and meter readings for the preceding month and space rental for the up coming month. It assumes that a fixed rate factor is being used. Metered Electric charges can be made on the 1st (or any) day of the month, whereas, rental charges can be made separately on another due date. The current factor is stored under system Preferences. Electrical charges occupy a separate column on the Transaction report. 
  2. 50 Amp Surcharge: The system will add a surcharge on daily and weekly rentals if the 50 amp radio button is checked. This is done automatically based on the rates listed under Preferences. These charges also occupy a separate column on the Transaction report.
  3. Electric/Security Deposit Management: When an extended or metered customer is registered, a security deposit can be recorded by the system and posted to the transaction log. At the time of exit, refunds are posted, including expenses against the deposit.  
Comprehensive Reports
  1. Registration Receipt: A detailed receipt to be given to your customer as they complete the registration process. Any number of copies can be run. Contains an appropriate message for customer signature on the park file copy.
  2. Reservation Confirmation: Designed to fit nicely into a standard windowed envelope for client mailing - if not emailed to client.
  3. Transaction Report: Each money transaction is recorded by the system. The Transaction Report lists each transaction - broken down by daily, weekly, or monthly stays, with tax and other items in separate columns. Horizontal and vertical column totals are listed. The report can be run by transaction number or date.
  4. Occupancy Rate Report: A very useful management tool to determine your rate of occupancy for any time period.
  5. Check-Out listing: The Check-out List button on the opening screen will turn RED each morning if anyone is due out on that date. You can view the check-out list on the screen or send it to the printer.  The printed version designed to be placed on a clipboard and used during your park tour to note the status of each site in question.

    Customers that decide to extend their stay can be quickly re-registered directly from the check out list screen.  And finally, all spaces on the Check Out list will turn PURPLE on the space map.

  6. Who's in the Park: Quickly view on the screen or run reports of customers currently in your park. Can be sorted by customer name or space number.
  7. Reservation Listing:  Lists all reservations in the system.  If a reservation is due, the Reservation Listing button on the opening screen will be displayed in RED on that day. Listing can be run in Last Name or From Date order. It can also be run for any time period - such as "who is due today?". This report also contains the potential amount due upon arrival.
  8. Reservation Deposits on File: Lists on the screen or printer all reservation deposit currently held in the system
  9. Electric/Security Deposits on File: Lists on the screen or printer all Electrical or Security deposits held in the system.
  10. Clubs Summary Report: A wagon master's Summary Report of an outing  that lists each club guest, their site, amount paid, and the total amount due.
  11. Unpaid Balances Report: Lists balance due by customer, whether registered or not.
  12. Account History: This report reflects the content of the Account History screen and can be printed for any beginning date. It is very useful for monthly customers wanting a complete breakdown of charges during their stay. It can also be used as an Invoice.
  13. Daily Cash Receipts: In addition to the current and more detailed Transaction Report, this report contains a summary of daily cash receipts.
  14. Purchase Items Summary: The report summarizes all sales by category from the Purchase Items center.
Convenience/Efficiency Features
  1. Easiest to Learn And Use: Straight forward design, automatic space assignment, and keyboard speed techniques make this the easiest to learn and use space manager product on the market. Most park registration personnel are up and running within a half hour or so.
  2. Reservation Holds on Current Registrations: Once a customer has been placed in a site, a reservation hold for an additional day, week, or month can be placed with only a few mouse clicks.  This is especially useful for those renters that are unsure of their need for an additional night or more, or for shorter term monthly renters.
  3. Clean-up Utility: In rare cases, data files may become corrupt (due to power failure or other machine malfunctions). This utility analyzes, and in most cases, is able to fix the corruption without having to resort to the last system backup or to contact RLB & Associates. We want to keep your maintenance costs to a minimum and keep your system up and running.
  4. Data Entry Shortcuts
    Drop Down Lists: Windows drop down lists are available on all data entry screens. For example, when entering the type of rig, pressing the "F" key on your keyboard will automatically cause "Fifth Wheel" to be entered.

    Zip Code Database: Entry the Zip code and the City and State are automatically entered. 

    o Auto Mixed Case: Case will also be taken care of for you. If a customers first name is typed in as fred or joAN, it will be automatically changed to Fred or Joan when the enter key is pressed.

    o Enter Key Navigation: When entering customer information, the <enter> key will navigate the entire form without the need to move back and forth between mouse and keyboard.

  5. Memo Fields for Notes on Customers, Spaces, or Clubs: Allows the recording of memorandum information on each guest such as favorite space, special needs, and so forth -- or, any other positive or negative feedback. This is especially useful when that customers calls to make a reservation in the future. The Memo button on the Guest Registration screen will turn RED if a memo exists.  Memorandum data text editors are also available for each club or group and each space in your park.
  6. Prior Rentals History Display for Each Customer: When taking a reservation or when registering a customer, a click on the Account History button will list all prior rentals. You can quickly answer questions such as, "What space was I in the last time I stayed in your park"?

Permanent Monthly or Out of Service Spaces: A site can be designated as such from the Space Maintenance utility. After that, you don't have to keep a reservation on a space to hold it for a PM. The system will only allow usage of that space by the permanent rental customer. If the space is designated "Out of Service", no one can use it. It can also be excluded from the Occupancy report. If a monthly is only temporarily in a site, you can continue to make reservations for upcoming months using the Reservation Hold feature. Sites with these designations will always be colored Green on the space map.
Purchase Items: Though not a point of sale system, (most of our customers seem to prefer POS systems external to their reservation system) we now have the ability to allow up to 15 of those items your client might want to purchase once registered. Items fixed by the system are propane and other utilities such as Gas, Telephone, and Water. You can then insert 11 items of your choice using the Preferences Utility (unit price and tax rate).
Pets and Autos recorded with customer record: If so desired,  you can record the pets and autos (truck or towed vehicle) owned by a customer. Info such as vehicle model, license number, and color is nice to have on file -- especially on extended stay customers. Pet/s info on file is also a nice feature. As with prior stay info, when taking a reservation or registration, you can ask whether a certain pet (by name) will be staying as well. Returning customers always appreciate that you know the site they stayed in on their last trip, all info on their rig -- and remember their pets by name.
Network version available: RV Space Manager  is network ready. You may want to network our Demo version first to make sure RVSM, your equipment, and version/s of Windows will all work together.

Please keep checking our site for additional features.


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