RV Clubs Control Center



The RV Club Control Center has been designed to totally manage your group events. It's design has been based on feedback from many parks using the RV Space Manager with need for a focal point of control over their club or group activities. A park can, for example, have a club that wants to make reservations for each month for the next several years, have a wagon master for each event, and post individual deposits for each event.


  1. Electronic Club Event Folders: Just as you would manually prepare a folder, an electronic folder is prepared for each event. Noting the above screen shot, as you search or move the cursor from one Club Event to another, you are essentially opening that electronic club folder.  The Event Details are automatically displayed, such as club name, dates, wagon master, and deposit. An Event Memo button is also available to post other "check off list" items.
  2. Reservations: Reservations can be made for any number of events. Multiple sites can be selected with only a few mouse clicks. Though initial reservations are taken in the name of the Wagon Master, the customer names assigned to each site can be changed to the actual member occupying that site.

  3. Multiple Club Memberships: One customer can be a member of as many clubs as needed. 

  4. Wagon Master: Schedule as many events as needed for the same or different clubs. Choose a different Wagon Master from the member list of a club, or change the Wagon Master at any time.

  5. Deposits: Take deposits for each event. Refunds can also be given if within park policy.

  6. Composite Billing: When an event has ended, final billing automatically consolidates the balances of all members in attendance to the Wagon Masters account.



RV Club Reports:


 Reservation Summary: Lists all reservations to date for each event. Line items include from/to dates, site, deposit, and balance. Headings include Wagon Master, Name of Club, Dates, and Number of Rigs. Click this button to quickly see who currently holds an event reservation. 

Registration Summary (Invoice): Lists all members in attendance, from/to dates, site and balance, and final payment. Headings include Wagon Master, Name of Club, Dates, and Number of Rigs. As each member is registered, their name will appear on this listing. Whenever you need to know who has arrived, just click this report button. Finally, when everyone has arrived, this report acts as a final invoice.

Club Memberships: Displays a list of each club in the system with current member names in that club. As mentioned above, one customer can be a member of multiple clubs. This report would display that as such.