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RLB & Associates was formed in 1983. The primary activity has been the presentation of database management system seminars and the development of DBMS software.  Marketing of the the RV Space Manager software system began in 2000.

Robert Buchanan ( View Biography) has been a programmer, manager, and computer system educator for the past 40 years. He is currently living and working full time in his Recreational Vehicle (RV) and has enjoyed working with RV park managers in the development of automated reservation and registration systems.

Program Development: This system has been programmed from the ground up as a database management system (DBMS). Spreadsheets have database capability, but are not programmed specifically for that purpose, plus, we wanted the focal point of the system to be an actual and fully functional site map of your RV park or campground versus a matrix of cells.

Programming of the application began in another popular language, one of two Robert was teaching at the time. However, neither were true Object Oriented languages at the time, but rather Object Based and that lacked specific database syntax. After a few test modules, the final language chosen was Visual dBASE. This developmental software is now owned by dBASE LLC,  www.dbase.com, a company and its' clients totally devoted to the advancement of the language. It is an Object Oriented, database language that is being continually updated and improved. The latest Version of the language is dBASE™ PLUS 11.0.

File Export: Finally, the .DBF extension of the RV Space Manager database (such as customers and money transactions) can be found on most "import" menus of other products such as Mailing List Managers, and Accounting Systems. Additionally, the system will export a comma delimited file for easy import into other products.

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