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Basic system:                   $395.00.
Map Setup and
:                    $45-$100 (for single page map)

Grid Map Programming:            No Charge


Additional program copies:      $ 25.00
                                (Network or standalone)

Site Map Picture Installer:     No charge

Assistance:                     No charge for 1st 6 months.
                                   $225/yr.after 1st 6 months.
                                   (Includes current update version)

On-Line Help and Maintenance

Yes, we give 6 months free remote desktop, e-mail, and/or telephone assistance. It's a custom system just for  your park so we want to ensure during the first few weeks that all phases of the system are running properly.  You don't get just a basic shell that you have to integrate your own map and do the set up yourself - we do most all of that for you - then get you up and running. After the initial six months, you have the option (it is NOT required) of entering into our annual assistance agreement.  We install, update, and trouble shoot via remote desktop. Our remote desktop assistance is via our small business arrangement with TeamViewer™.


Each installed system comes with an extensive On Line Help system. It includes a short tutorial and instructions on getting started. If you have problems with any given feature or situation not covered in the OLH, we will assist as part of the initial install and then as part of the assistance agreement. 

Map Installation and Initial Setup

We do your initial site and rate set up. This includes critical sizing of your Drag and Drop maps and Grid to make sure the fit properly. It also includes a complete set up of your site types, pricing and so forth. When you receive the initial install and tweak your Preferences - you will be ready to take your first reservation.

We insure as many sites as possible fit on a single page. If more than one page is required, we program that for you. If more than 2 pages are required, we program a map page key dialog as well. Our maps do not have permanent Windows controls such icon buttons that hide, clutter, or take space from the map. A narrow menu system remains to navigate to other parts of the program from the map. Additionally, we resize or move the remaining map controls to insure the map covers most of the page and that each site is as large as possible.

We do not draw maps from scratch, but can quote a price to have that done. We do enhance the map given us or make small changes if using an outdated map. If a line drawing map (not a free hand sketch) is presentable with adequate resolution, we will use it after enhancement. However, we want the system to look professional for your benefit as well as ours. So we make sure that happens for you. 

We also include at no charge a site picture installer. We suggest our clients set up their office so the registering guest can view the park  map screen and location "and a picture" of the site they will occupy. Pictures downloaded from a digital camera can be previewed and entered (or updated) into each map location with only a few mouse clicks.



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