Confirmation/Receipt email

You can now send an email confirmation with a single button click - either as the Reservation is taken, or, from the Reservation Editor. This feature is also available when Registering into the park or campground. 

Once a reservation has been finalized on the RESERVATION INFORMATION screen, click the SAVE and CONFIRM button. The next dialog will ask if you want to save and finalize this reservation. A response of Yes will present this PRINT or email dialog.


You can now either Print the current confirmation or send by email to the customer. If you elect to confirm by email, the email Reservation Confirmation dialog will display.

If you want to both Print and email a confirmation, send the email first. The dialog will then close after the confirmation is printed. If you decide to send or print later, you can do either from the Reservation Editor - at any time. For example if the customer changes the dates or adds a deposit to the original reservation.

Additional Notes/Features:

When the above dialog displays, all information has been automatically entered. For example, the email address comes from that line item on the Customer Information page. Unless you want to add to the email body when it opens, the SEND is ready to send.

1. Heading and Notes at the Bottom are brought forward from Preferences - and can be changed at any time.

2. You can send or resend at any time from the Reservation Editor. So now, with any changes such as the change of dates or deposit adds/deletes, a current follow-up email can be sent from the editor.

3. The email address can be entered or updated from the Reservation Editor.

4. You can add to the default message in the email body. If you want the same thing added to the next email body, just press the Last Message Recall button.

5. You will get success message plus a Sent Duration time box to display how long each email takes to leave the machine.

Registration Receipts:  Many parks are now looking for ways to go paperless as much as possible. All of the features listed above for Reservation Confirmations also apply to sending Registration Receipts via email. You can send as the Registration is taken, or, as with the Confirmation email feature, send from the Registration editor.



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