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If you would like a more thorough look at our software, we would be happy to send you instructions on how to download our "full featured" demo. The park in the demo has around 150 spaces, including Full and Partial hookups, Tent and Storage, with pictures of various sites and amenities. Keep in mind that the software is very site type oriented. Your park may have Cabins, Boat Slips, or a further breakdown of RV sites (such as those with full hookups, partial or dry). A short tutorial is also included. 

The demo version of the program will last for a month or so and has a restriction  on the number of customers and transactions entered. It would otherwise be, almost, a full featured system (we are continually adding new stuff). We suggest pretending the demo park is your park during your evaluation -- take reservations, register guests, manage a club event, run reports and so forth. Enjoy managing a park by viewing a dynamic 5 color coded map of your park as the focal point of operations. The only difference between the demo and your park would be the space map presented - and the types of RV sites managed (full, partial, or dry hookups, cabins, tents, storage, boat slips, or other site types).

Please give us a call or include the following in your email request to receive instructions on how to download a copy of our demo:

  1. Name and address of your park or campground.

  2. Number of sites in your park.

  3. Name and phone number of person doing the evaluation.

  4. Website address of your park.

  5. Contact email address.

  6. Your affiliation with the park (e.g., owner, manager, consultant)

Telephone: (916) 761-8737

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